We Are League Joe

Remember when sports were fun?  When kids played them without a concern for going pro?  Sports are games, and games should be enjoyable – not stressful.  Established in 2015, we use our platform and the pursuit of analytics to create evenly matched teams and help new players get better at the sports they know and love.

Our Unique Approach to Sports

Most leagues and tournaments are built around the idea of pre-made teams.  You find a coach, that coach finds 8-12 other players, and the coach enters the event.  After that, may the best team win.  This is a great format for competitive formats, but what happens to the new players?  And players who don’t know a coach?  They get left behind.

Our approach is different.  With our leagues and tournaments, we have every player register as an individual and complete a skill profile.  We then do a salary cap that places players into skill groupings, ripe for the picking.  We then find coaches willing to create teams fantasy football style, all while adhering to a strict salary cap that ensures balance.

And it works.  But don’t just take our word for it….

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