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Everyone who plays in LeagueJoe knows that it’s bigger than sports. When you create draft-style leagues and events, you get rid of the arbitrary cliques formed from a traditional team model and everyone becomes family. New players are welcome, disputes are reduced, competition is improved, and everyone is happier.

It all starts with a Commissioner who aspires to bring that vibe and that fun to their home town. As Commish, you’ll be tasked with being the local face of League Joe while we cover the costs, assist with marketing, and promote the league. Meanwhile, you get paid for helping grow the softball family in your hometown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Commissioners are you Looking For?

The Heart and Spirit of League Joe is simple:  sports are meant to be fun.  As we get older, the time for us to go pro has passed, so why take things so seriously?  Make sports FUN again, and embrace the spirit of the game that we all have loved since we were little kids.

If that sounds good to you, then you may be a fit to be Commissioner.  If you have a competitive fire and you are driven to win above all else, and you find yourself getting angry and frustrated if that doesn’t happen – then you may not be a fit for League Joe.

There are leagues and tournaments that specifically cater to players driven to smash the competition and gather as many trophies as possible, but that’s not League Joe.

Am I applying for a job/employment?

Our Commissioners are independent contractors and not full time employees.  Most commissioners will only work 3-5 hours per week, making this an opportunity much more like an Uber or Lyft style gig.

If the program grows large enough, League Joe will hire full time employees to help grow further and they will likely come from our pool of Commissioners.

How much do Commissioners get paid?

Commissioners gets paid an hourly rate for being at the fields for the duration of the leagues and events.  Additionally, Commissioners participate in profit sharing with the leagues and events.  A typical Commissioner who can grow a program to 8 or more teams will usually make $2000+ per league activation.

What Are the Field Requirements?

All League Joe leagues operate off of a double header league format where two games per night are played by the teams. In order to accomplish this, we typically need a facility or park where we can get 2+ dedicated fields for a weekday evening (Mon-Thurs).  The more fields, the better, since fields are the biggest restrictor to our growth.

League Joe covers all field rental costs.

What are my responsibilities as a Commish?

As the Commissioner, you’re the official face of the league and who everyone will look to in order to help answer questions about rules, format, and more.  You will work directly with the League Joe home office to create and promote the league, and you will help with the balancing process as you share information about the local scene.

Being a Commish doesn’t mean you sit on the sidelines, though!  You can play as well!