Save Time and Drive Revenue with League Joe

League Joe’s league and tournament registration platform is better for one simple reason: it’s made by people who run leagues and tournaments.  We know your headaches just as well as you do.  We know about the flakey players, the poor payers, and the disruptions of weather on schedules.  We know how revenue is seasonal, teams are volatile, and how concessions are your gravy.

We Built it This Way Because We’ve Been There Before!

With our software, we pay for our ourselves by increasing your revenue with:

  • Team AND Individual player registration models (higher cashflow with per player!)
  • Player payment history tracker (lock out flakey/poor players)
  • Built in service fees / charging models
  • Automated payment reminder emails
  • Player strength analysis tools to ensure fair play on the field

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Individual Player Registration

The national average for team fees in sports like softball is $400 (approx $40 per player).  This cost is driven down primarily because the coach is responsible for the costs up front, then collecting fees from their players.

In our individual league and tournament registration model, we charge per player fees that can range from $45-55 per player.  With simple adjustments to your registration process, you can earn 15-35% more revenue with the same number of field inventory.

Player “Trust” Ratings

In a survey of tournament and league directors nationwide, “Chasing Player Fees” ranked as the number one time waster – by a large margin.  Players have gotten in a habit of understanding that they can delay their payments and eventually play for free anyways, either due to desperation (player drops) or exasperation (the director gives up).

With our system, we track player problematic behavior and associate it with a “Trust” rating.  Directors can then assign rewards to high trust players or lock out low trust players from signing up for events – unless they pay immediately, and in advance!

Parity and Skill Balancing

One of the fastest killer of recreational sports is when a novice or social team gets placed in the same league as a tournament team full of studs.  In this scenario – no one really wins.  The novice team is disheartened and annoyed, and the tournament team is bored and unfulfilled.

With our Parity and Skill Balancing software, we help you avoid those extreme matchup imbalances by warning you when teams or players are likely to result in poor matchups, so you can take action to shift teams as appropriate.

Multi-Sport Support

When it comes to team sports, we can cover it all.  Softball, flag football, bowling, and even the hottest sport in America – Pickleball!  Each sport has its own custom skill analysis survey so all the features that were born and perfected in softball can apply to your favorite sports.

If we don’t have your sport yet, we can add it, too!  We’re still waiting for the first client brave enough to ask us to add Quiddich!

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