Draft Leagues in Your Complex

League Joe creates unique, draft-format slowpitch softball leagues that are much more engaging, more social, and less headache than many traditional league formats.  To put it simply:  when you don’t let players form their own teams, you have less competition disparity, less “cliques”, and fewer large scale issues with disputes between players or teams.

Each and every season, teams are formed brand new which means players have 10-11 new teammates every season.  This makes them appreciate one another more, socialize more, and have more fun!

Field Requirements

In order to facilitate an environment maximized for social interaction and player value, we have very specific requirements from our parks and facilities. We are open to either standard field rentals or revenue share models, but for our leagues to succeed we require the following:

    • A Minimum of Two Fields
      We prefer to have 3-6 fields, but can start with two
    • Field Distance of 285’+
      Strongly prefer 300′ if available
    • Timeslots from 6-10pm
      We run double headers and tend to take over an entire evening with social shenanigans
    • Weekday Evening Slots
      Mon-Thurs work best/
      Sometimes Sunday evenings
    • On-site Concessions
      Our players gotta eat and drink! Beer availability preferred but not required.


    Does your facility fit the requirements above? If so, contact us and let us know!


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