2023 Year in Review

Thank you to all of the incredible coaches, players, and volunteers who have made 2023 an incredible ride.  In our first year expanding out of Indiana, we’ve met new players from 48 different states and achieved a 39.2% Close Games rate (within 3 runs) where one swing of the bat could have changed the result.  And we’re just getting started!

A special thank you to all of our partners for making it possible, including Jason Kendrick (Sports Drafts LLC) and Miken / Easton / Worth, Indy Sports Park, Midwest Sports Complex, Gin & Juice, USSSA South Carolina, and the parks and rec departments of Pensacola and Gastonia, NC.

Registration for our 2024 seasons is rocking and rolling with more coming soon, but first let’s talk about the changes we have planned for the coming year. Throughout this process, we’ve had a lot of successes but we’ve also learned a lot of tough lessons. In 2024, we are making many adjustments to our process to ensure a smoother registration and play experience for all. 

Upcoming Changes for 2024

The following are core changes to our processes that will apply to most of the events that occur on the LeagueJoe website. Some of these changes are already deployed, while others are in progress and will occur in early 2024.

Registration Changes

  • Automatic Trust Discounts for Alumni
    Trust DiscountA majority of our logistical issues occur because of a common issue in our sport – flakey players. So for those of you who pay on time in advanceshow up and help recruit… you will now find most of your LeagueJoe experiences have a discount of anywhere from 10-25%, depending on the event. For first time players, this discount becomes unlocked after your first completed event where you meet the criteria outlined above. If you’re an alum but you don’t see a discount, it may be because of a payment issues or late drop but don’t worry – you can earn your way back up.
  • 90-Day Advance Registration Only*
    We’ve noticed a trend where players have signed up for an event 6-months in advance of the event, and then things simply change or they forget. It is difficult for us to properly plan an event with volatile registration, so the majority of registrations will now only open 90-days in advance and will have a hard sell-out number. Except for players with Trusted Status, they can continue to register, plan ahead, and pay in advance as they like.
  • Consistent Event Schedules
    Planning your trip is stressful, so we will ensure all events going forward clearly publish their planned schedule so you can book your travel further in advance than ever before.
  • Consistent and Transparent Rules
    Before you register, you will know which ruleset system we are playing under (Utrip, WSL, One Nation, etc) and any custom rules by viewing the Rules tab at anytime.

Upcoming Changes for On-Site Logistics

Once you get to your destination, your experience should be smooth so you can focus on the fun of meeting your new teammates. Here is how we will make that process easier going forward.

  • Tournament Director Transparency
    WHo IsAs we tour the country, we use different partners who take a primary role in running the events. Some events are WSL, some are Utrip, some are Easton/Miken/Worth exclusives, some are not, etc. Going forward, each event will have a transparent “Organizers” page that will highlight the roles of everyone involved in the production of the event.
  • Smoother Player Kit Processing
    Software issues caused some havoc with inventory management and player kit processing last year. Those issues have been corrected and will continue to be improved to create a smoother and more accurate player kit pickup process.


2023 turned out to be incredible for all of us at League Joe, and we have met amazing people from around the country. We love seeing you share stories of the friends you’ve made and the experiences you’ve gained, and we can’t wait to see what happens in 2024.

– League Joe Staff

2023 Year in Review

Year in Review Infographic

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